Benefits of a Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage therapy is a Japanese inspired technique performed by using pressure from the fingertips. It incorporates an ancient healing method of the fingertips. It follows a method known as anma, which is a traditional Japanese massage, acupressure and stretching technique. Aura Wellness Spa offers an experienced team here to give you the best Shiatsu Massage in NYC.

Shiatsu massage is a procedure preferred by many residents to help with the relief or stress from the high paced life often experienced on a daily basis. The massage is one that relaxes muscles from stress and offers a much needed boost of energy in circulation. This is a mentally and physically benefiting therapy session that stimulates nerves to offer mental relief as well as aids in the control and treatment of medical illnesses as well.

What to Expect

The preparation process for shiatsu is very simple and usually done based upon preference of the client receiving the service. The option to remain fully clothed or disrobe and cover with a sheet or robe is merely the client’s choice. This is a dry technique without the implementing of any oils or creams. The technique of the shiatsu massages pressure applied from the palm, thumb or forearm to offer relaxation to the muscle and to remove any imbalances of qi. The knees are commonly used on lower areas of the back to relive stiff muscles in that area as well. Clients typically are placed on a hard service such as the floor with or without a mat. This allows for the therapist to apply full pressure of the body throughout the massage process.

The exclusive pressure techniques and manipulations aids in assisting in encouraging well-being and the cure of disorders by altering internal flow of energy. This of course widens the range of benefits received in this therapeutic massage.

Health Benefits

There are several conditions that are alleviated from shiatsu treatments. Back problems are very common among many people. In fact, they’re almost so common that many people believe there is no method of treatment other than surgery. Shiatsu massage helps to alleviate the pain by having pressure applied to specific points to retain the elasticity and ease the stiffness in the muscles.

Sinus headaches, sports related injuries and constipation relief are also relieved by shiatsu massage therapy. Applied pressure to the nasal cavity is a form of the therapy that aides in sinus headaches and palpations applied to the injured area can help to speed and lessen the pain of the injured area. Mild pressure when applied to the fingers, elbows, hands and ribs help to relax the digestive system for ease of constipation related issues.

Shiatsu massage provides immense relaxation and healing benefits and should only be performed by a certified massage therapist.

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