The Benefits of Therapeutic Grottoes

For a soothing and relaxing experience for your overall body, mind, and soul, Therapeutic Grottoes in wellness spa NYC can be a fantastic option. Constructed of yellow loess soil, these grottoes are designed to offer you a therapeutic, rejuvenating, and reinvigorating experience. Rich in micro-organisms and minerals, yellow loess soil has a detoxifying effect on the body. Not only this, it works as a cosmetic therapy. Let’s see how a therapeutic session can change your quality of life and make you look and feel good.

How Do Therapeutic Grottoes Work?

As their name suggests, therapeutic grottoes feature bioceramic stones that help filter out and eliminate toxins from your body. The infrared emissions from these stones and salt blocks help improve blood circulation, flushing out toxins and providing quick relief from inflammatory problems, such as muscular and arthritis pain.

What’s more, they have a healing effect on your skin, providing a natural glow that you have always wanted, besides softening the skin.

Visitors to Aura Wellness Spa may choose from four different grotto experiences or any combination thereof. Each of the four grottoes is designed with combinations of other elements known for different body-healing properties, with each making use of herbal remedies steamed in each spa.

Hwangto Dry Grotto

The basic premise behind this therapeutic grotto is to induce deep sweating that stimulates skin detoxification and deep cleansing, without any manual intervention. As a result, as you relax in the dry grotto in a pool of your sweat, acne producing bacteria are flushed out of the skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Therapeutic grottoes in the Korean spa in NYC use an intricate pattern of oak wood charcoal, which helps purify blood, detoxify skin, and relieve stress. A therapeutic session inside the dome is highly effective in fighting skin ailments that tarnish your skin.

Crystal & Jade Dry Grottoes

Think of crystals and jade in grottoes! Yes, there is more to these gemstones than their value as a treasure. Decorating the dry grottoes are crystals and jade for their therapeutic benefits for the body and mind.

Unlock the energy of crystals to free yourself from physical and mental ailments, including stress, anxiety, headache, and arthritis, in a relaxing session in this dry grotto.

Unravel the calming and soothing benefits of jade in these grottoes and rid your mind of bad energy and negativity. The calming ambience promises to offer ultimate relief from physical and mental ailments, including stress, anxiety, and headache.

One pampering session promises to do more good to your face, since Jade boasts anti-aging properties and helps promote circulation and prevent skin elasticity. It does make a great therapeutic addition to these grottoes, helping your skin feel lighter, more rejuvenated and fresh inside out.

Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes

Steam has always been known to have beneficial effects on respiratory system. Inhaling steam is a great way to find relief from various respiratory complications, from common cold to sinus, flu, asthma, bronchitis, and allergies. Steam has a relaxing effect on chest muscles, which helps in respiratory conditions, including asthma and bronchitis.

This concept has been introduced in our Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes.

Additionally, steam helps the body maintain hydration – coating the skin with moisture and preventing the loss of body heat through evaporation. This, in turn, accelerates detoxification and healing. Combinations of crystals and jade also promote various states of emotional responses based on their color: unconditional love (pink), transformation (purple), harmony and peace (green), passion (red) and wisdom (orange).

Stone Ice Grotto

Used in conjunction with our hot grottoes in wellness spa NYC, the cold grotto stimulates contraction of blood vessels that have expanded through heat exposure. As a result, toxins are squeezed out of the body when the vessels contract.

Each therapeutic grotto promises to provide better blood circulation and soften the skin with minerals and microorganisms present in the yellow loess soil used in the construction of each grotto. The body-healing properties offered in the grottoes improve health and wellness of each guest.

The Advantage Therapeutic Grottoes in Korean Spa NYC

Avail an exciting number of therapeutic services at our Aura Spa and experience a renewed, rejuvenated you!

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