NYC Spa Packages to Warm You Up This Winter


If the arctic cold weather of winter in January cuts right through your clothing as you walk down the sidewalk to work then a New York City spa package is just the thing you need! Spring won’t arrive for another few months. Your body craves a therapeutic touch of warmth, and relaxation. Don’t fret; you can look and feel your best even in the middle of the winter. What better way to give your body a respite than a spa treatment from New York City day spa, Aura Wellness Spa!

Experience a Therapeutic Touch in Our Luxurious Grottoes

Our grottoes offer a therapeutic touch in a decadent setting for our luxurious couples massage. The City doesn’t have to be unbearable all winter. The grottoes at Aura Spa cleanse your body from toxins that can compromise your energy levels. The yellow loess soil houses micro-organisms that help to detoxify. The minerals in the soil are absorbed through your skin as heated temperatures assist with cleansing tired skin and rejuvenating achy muscles and joints. The therapeutic grottoes also contain bio-ceramic stones that work to boost metabolism and soften skin. The remedies available in each spa utilize hot steam to wrap your body in soothing, healing moisture. There are four unique therapeutic grottoes available.

Our spa packages Include Unique Therapeutic Grottoes:

Hwangto Dry Grotto

The Hwangto dry grotto features salt blocks and bio-ceramic stones that are known to detoxify the epidermis and rid the skin of acne-producing bacteria. It features a dome shaped room complete with oak and charcoal elements. Charcoal is said to cleanse the blood. Oak is believed to relive stress levels.

Crystal and Jade Dry Grotto

If you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, and a host of other mental conditions, the crystal and jade dry grotto may be right for you. Jade has been known to calm your central nervous system and replenish your energy levels. Healing crystals help reduce inflammation due to arthritis and other physical ailments.

Crystal and Jade Steam Grotto

For those plagued with respiratory ailments, the crystal and jade steam grotto could be your most comforting choice. The steam will help to expand your lung capacity and breathe deeply. The steams cleanse also serves to detoxify impurities from your skin.

Stone Ice Grotto

After you emerge from the therapeutic touch of our hot grottoes, you may consider heading to the stone ice grotto. This is the best way to complete the detoxification process. Your blood vessels will constrict after being expanded by the initial heat therapy.

Contact Us for Your Next Spa Day

Aura Wellness Spa provides you with the therapeutic touch you need to help you get through NYC’s cold winter season. Our New York City spa packages include the use of our unique temperature-controlled grottoes. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so don’t delay in booking your deluxe couples massage. NYC can be tough during the winter months. Don’t forget to unwind and rejuvenate with us. Call us at (212) 695-9559 or fill out an online reservation form to schedule a rejuvenating treatment.