Purifying You Body With Saunas


Do you know sweating is good for your health? It is one of the most crucial natural self-healing ways that help your body maintain good health and strengthen the immune system. A sedentary lifestyle, coupled with prolonged sitting in artificially air-conditioned rooms, causes clogging of pores and sucks away moisture from the skin, resulting in a dehydrated body and skin. Korean saunas in NYC is designed to promote a natural detoxifying sweat. The sweating promoted by a sauna can help strengthen the immune system and improve biochemical processes of the body, helping it get rid of waste and harmful toxin buildup.

Purifying Your Body at Wellness Spa NYC Therapeutic Grottoes

Your skin is the largest organ, which acts as a natural barrier against toxins in the environment. Heavy metals can enter your body through the air you breathe, food you eat, and water you drink. Gradually the toxins tend to build up in the body, which may cause serious health issues.

Detoxification is critical to promoting biochemical processes that help in the absorption of nutrients in the food. The therapeutic grottoes at spa midtown NYC are built of yellow loess soil, which is rich in micro-organisms and minerals that filter and remove toxins from the body. Not only this, bioceramic stones found in these grottoes emit infrared rays that help eliminate toxins from the skin, improve blood circulation, provide quick relief from muscular aches, and soften the skin. The removal of toxins helps boost metabolism.

The grottoes are designed with a combination of elements that promote body healing and toxin removal by inducing sweat and strengthening the immune system.

Sweating and increased blood circulation promotes toxin removal that helps purify your entire body from toxins. Regular detoxification sessions at Aura Wellness Spa NYC may promote the elimination of toxins.

Here are four different grotto types to choose from:

Hwangto Dry Grotto

These grottoes feature bioceramic stones and salt blocks that are known for high but not extreme heat conditions that induce sweat and help promote detoxification, blood cleansing, and elimination of acne-producing bacteria. Additionally, the intricate pattern inside the dome features oak wood charcoal that has blood cleansing properties. Not only this, it helps relieve stress and cure skin diseases.

Crystal & Jade Dry Grottoes

Did you know jade and crystals emit life-enhancing energy that promotes healing, toxin removal, and alleviates physical and mental stress. Keeping these benefits in mind, we have designed our crystal and jade dry grottoes, which focus on the overall healing of the body and mind.

Jade is widely known for its calming properties that help your body get rid of toxins, bad energy, stress, anxiety, and headache. Its anti-aging properties help you stay young. One pampering session at Korean sauna NYC promises to a blessing in disguise, as it comes with a promise to promote blood circulation and skin health. Experience a complete rejuvenated session that will help promote your wellbeing.

Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes

As its name suggests, these are steam grottoes that leverage the power of steam for healing. Steam works as a magic for respiratory ailments, as it helps loosen chest muscles and stimulate the breathing system. Not only this, it helps promote hydration in the body that further prevents the loss of body heat. One session in these steam grottoes can be a blissfully rejuvenating and therapeutic experience.  Anybody suffering from asthma, bronchitis, and other breathing problems can benefit immensely from the steam session. Sweating accelerates detoxification and healing.

Additionally, the array of colors in which the jade and crystal combinations are available to promote different states of mind and trigger various emotional responses. While red is for passion, pink stands for unconditional love, green promotes harmony and peace, while orange reflects wisdom and purple stands for transformation.

Stone Ice Grotto

The ice grotto might spring a surprise on you, right? Well, while hot grottoes stimulate sweating, stone ice grottoes are designed to promote contraction of blood vessels immediately after the body’s exposure to heat. The therapeutic session at wellness spa NYC is used in conjunction with the hot grottoes. How does it work? Well, after the body’s exposure to heat, a cold environment helps in contraction of vessels, which act like a squeezed sponge, helping in detoxification and healing.

Each therapeutic grotto at Aura Wellness Spa promises to provide you a rejuvenating, relaxing, and healing experience. Use our online reservation system to book your next appointment.