Experience Therapeutic Grottoes in New York City

To enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating spa treatment, the therapeutic grottoes in New York City offer a variety of different services for an invigorating experience. From several therapeutic grottoes to a variety of massage services, there are several reasons to visit the spa.

There are four different types of grottoes that are available at the spa for various beauty and wellness treatments.

The Hwangto Dry Grotto

The Hwangto Dry Grotto helps to detox the body and improve the skin’s complexion with a high level of heat used. The grotto is effective at killing acne-growing bacteria and reducing stress by cleansing the blood with the oak wood charcoal that is used in the room. The Stone Ice Grotto can be used in conjunction with the Hwangto Dry Grotto by prompting blood vessels to contract and by removing excess toxins in the body.

Crystal & Jade Dry Grotto

For guests who want to experience relief and healing of physical or mental ailments, the Crystal & Jade Dry Grottoes offer a calming environment with anti-aging properties from the use of crystals and jade. Headaches, arthritis, anxiety, and stress can all be alleviated by spending time in the grotto for a great way to feel rejuvenated with more energy.

Crystal & Jade Steam Grotto

For individuals who suffer from respiratory ailments, the steam from the Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes can offer relief to the chest muscles and allow them to loosen after a single session. The steam in the grotto is known to reduce the discomfort that is associated with asthma and bronchitis while also coating the skin with clean moisture to reduce body heat that is lost. The steam can also hydrate the body and allow it to feel cleansed for a relaxing treatment that will make it easier to breathe.

Stone Ice Grotto

Each therapeutic grotto improves blood circulation and softens the skin with minerals and microorganisms that are in the yellow loess soil that is used to construct each grotto. Bio ceramic stones are also placed in each grotto with infrared rays that are emitted to increase the speed of the metabolism and even offer relief from arthritis or similar ailments. The body-healing properties that are offered in the grottoes work to improve the health and wellness of each guest for a relaxing experience that is tranquil for a clear mind.

Visit the Therapeutic Grottoes

Aura Spa offers a wide variety of other services in addition to the grottoes, which include massage therapy to reduce stress and improve blood circulation. Water massage therapy is also available to reduce strain or tension in the muscles with an elite hydrotherapy massage bed system and DermaLife water pod. The water vibrations of the systems create a pampering effect with both color relaxation and natural mineral mist included.

Body scrub treatments, back facials, teeth whitening, and package services are a few of the other benefits of visiting the spa for a session that will prove to be beneficial to the function of the body and mind. Guests can enjoy a friendly staff, diverse menu, and a luxurious environment for a location that can be visited alone or with friends. Call us at (212) 695-9559 or fill out an online reservation form.