Understanding Heat Therapies & Which One Is Right for You

Woman relaxing in a Sauna

For thousands of years, heat has been used therapeutically to treat a wide variety of medical ailments and promote overall wellness. Heat therapies are sometimes referred to thermotherapy and are known to soothe muscle pain and soreness. When used in certain ways, heat can boost blood circulation and help people with arthritis pain and deep tissue injuries as well. Not only does heat promote improved blood flow, but it also helps deliver oxygen, nutrients, and proteins throughout the body.

In this article, we discuss the different types of heat therapies and the benefits of hot treatments to help you choose the right one for you.

Hot Yoga Classes

Hot yoga is more than just a trendy hobby; it can also be a therapeutic exercise to enhance your flexibility, strength, and endurance. When you practice yoga in a heated room, you may experience increased blood simulation, lower blood pressure, a detoxifying effect, and boosted metabolism. There are several different types of hot yoga that incorporate elements of barre, weight lifting, and static asanas.

Hot Stone Massage NYC

Hot stone massage NYC can be linked back to ancient healing rituals used in China and India at least 3000 years ago and Native American wellness treatments in the Southwest U.S. This type of massage uses smooth, volcanic basalt stones that are heated with warm water or a hot steam bath. These stones vary in sizes and shapes so they will fit better onto the various energy points of the body.

Saunas and Steam Rooms

Saunas and steam rooms are commonly found at spas, health clubs, and gyms and are accessible ways to engage in self-therapy with heat. Saunas boost relaxation, circulation, and are sometimes used a part of pain relief and weight management strategies. Steam rooms are great for people with respiratory conditions and for detoxifying.

You can find different types of saunas and stream rooms with varying levels of temperature and humidity. Our Hwangto Dry Grotto, for example, uses high (but not extreme) heat to induce deep sweating, stimulate detoxification, and eliminate acne-producing bacteria.

Acupuncture with Heat Therapy

Although many acupuncture treatments do not involve heat, there are some ways to incorporate it with heating pads, infrared lamps, moxabustion, and fire cupping. These types of treatments are used to promote healing in specific parts of the body, loosen sore muscles, fight respiratory illnesses, and boost the immune system.

Hot and Cold Treatment Combinations

With heat therapies of any kind, hotter isn’t necessarily better. With any type of hot therapy, it’s best to receive the treatment from an experienced professional to avoid the risk of burning.  We recommend combining hot treatments with cold ones to stimulate the skin, muscles, ligaments, and tendons. When you follow up a hot treatment with a cold one, you also stimulate the contraction of blood vessels after expansion through heat exposure to remove even more toxins from the body.

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