Unwinding At Our Therapeutic Grottoes

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Are you feeling too stressed about your everyday 9 to 5 juggling between office and home? Of course, commuting can take a toll on your health. Worry not! Now you can relax and unwind yourself in therapeutic grottoes at Aura Wellness Spa NYC and forget about your everyday troubles. All you need to do here is to enjoy the relaxing ambiance and rejuvenate yourself at these inviting therapeutic grottoes and stop worrying about the challenges life throws at you.

What Are Therapeutic Grottoes at Asian massage NYC About

Made with yellow loess soil, our therapeutic grottoes contain numerous microorganisms and minerals that dissolve, filter, and eliminate toxins from your body. They also feature bio-ceramic stones that help remove toxins, tackle skin conditions, purify air, and act as a source for softening the skin.

These stones are known for emitting infrared rays that are highly effective in boosting metabolism, improving circulation, and provide relief from muscular and joint pain. Each of the four grottoes is designed with combinations of other elements known for different body healing properties, and all make use of herbal remedies that are steamed in each spa.

Heal your body and mind at our massage oasis and rewind yourself with a pampering massage, forgetting about all the stressors that have been troubling you.

Visitors to Aura Wellness Spa may choose from four different grotto experiences or any combinations:

  • Hwangto Dry Grotto – If a deep skin cleansing experience is on your mind, then you have got to think of Hwangto Dry Gotto. The grotto is built with a purpose to induce sweating, which is quintessential to stimulating the detoxification process and elimination of toxins and acne-producing bacteria. The grotto features bioceramic stones and salt blocks that help produce high but not extreme heat. Enjoy a rejuvenated body and soul with a therapeutic session at the Hwangto Dry Grotto, where you will enjoy every minute of your stay and find relief from stress. The intricate pattern here features oak wood charcoal that helps purify blood and cure skin problems.
  • Crystal & Jade Dry Grottoes – Explore more body relaxing benefits of dry grottoes at Asian massage NYC. The benefits are further enhanced through jade and crystals that release healing energy, which is a remedy for many physical and mental ailments. Whether you are looking for relief from chronic stress and anxiety symptoms or painful arthritis or headache, a therapeutic session here promises to change your life for the better. Rid your body of toxins and bad energy with Jade dry grotto that works as a calming agent and rejuvenate your skin like new, eliminating the many signs of aging.
  • Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes – If you or a loved one wants respite from respiratory ailments, then you must plan a therapeutic session at our crystal and jade steam grottoes. Steam is a kind of healing agent that helps your body maintain adequate hydration and provide relief from respiratory illnesses, including asthma and bronchitis. Additionally, a session at the therapeutic grotto at Korean massage NYC is your key to accelerating the process of detoxification and healing and promoting mental peace.
  • Stone Ice Grotto – This is a different form of grotto that works differently from our hot grottoes at Aura Wellness spa NYC. The cold grotto session follows the hot grotto session. While the heat exposure in a hot grotto results in the expansion of blood vessels, a cold grotto session is all about stimulating the contraction process of blood vessels, helping eliminate toxins from your body.

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