Redefining true well-being from the inside out.
Where East meets West and time-honored tradition gets a dose of modern luxury.

Whether you need a quick “sweat” over your lunch hour, a day of full-service, luxurious pampering, or holistic treatment, Aura Wellness Spa is the place for you.

Aura Wellness Spa is unique in that it features our unique Therapeutic Grottoes for healing and relaxation. Asian traditions of thermotherapy, purification, skin rejuvenation and herbal medicine date back for centuries. Aura Wellness Spa makes use of all of these techniques for a truly healthful experience.

Aura Wellness Spa’s services do not end with the Therapeutic Grottoes. Located on three floors comprising of 12,000 square feet, Aura Wellness Spa offers eight private treatment rooms for facials, full body massages and reflexology. We also offer acupuncture, Asian herbal treatments, aqua therapy, Oriental body scrubs, and holistic health consultations. In addition, we offer four private suites for couple’s therapy including private saunas and showers.

And, when all is said and done, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage from our juice bar and enjoy the understated elegance of Aura Wellness Spa in our relaxation lounge.

*Scientific data suggests that people who use saunas regularly boost their immune systems and lessen their susceptibility to cold and flu. Recommended sauna use should not exceed one hour in length. Persons with heart conditions should consult a doctor before using a sauna. To further promote our patrons’ good health, men’s and women’s showers are available for use before and after entrance to the saunas.

Access to all areas of Aura Wellness Spa is ADA compliant.