Enjoy the Benefits of Shiatsu Back Massage, Shiatsu Foot Massage or a full Shiatsu Body Massage

Shiatsu Massage: 60 min – $130 | 90 min – $160

Japanese Shiatsu Massage Therapy originates from Japan and has been a critical health and wellness prevention exercise adopted by Asian for many years.

In Japanese, the word Shiatsu translates to “finger pressure” and is truly a finger pressure massage technique. The Shiatsu Massage Therapist applies pressure to the body with the thumbs, finger, and palms to specific areas on the client’s body.

Shiatsu Massage is sometimes confused with acupuncture as both methods are founded on the Chinese meridian system that nerves are conduits for the body’s energy flow. The energy of the body can become blocked which results in disease. Both acupuncture and Shiatsu massage therapy unblock and balance the body’s energy flow resulting in overall health and wellness. In acupuncture needles are used while in Shiatsu, also known as, acupressure, outside pressure is used.

How does Shiatsu Body Massage Therapy Work?

The Shiatsu Massage Therapist uses continuous firm pressure, body extension and stretch movements to complete the massage. In Japanese Shiatsu massage therapy the palms, fingers, thumbs, knuckles, and elbows are used to work on the body’s meridian points. The Massage therapist will even sometimes use the knees and even walk on the clients back and use their feet to apply the correct pressure to the energy points.

The Shiatsu massage techniques such as tapping, squeezing, rubbing, and applied pressure are applied along the meridians to unblock energy blockages and reintroduce the optimal flow of energy. Shiatsu form of “touch communication,” and is a safe and effective preventive medicine for all people or all ages.

Benefits of Shiatsu Massage Therapy include:

  • Muscular tension release and full body relaxation
  • Stress relief
  • Detoxification of toxins
  • Re-energize the mind and body
  • Increase body agility
  • Improve poor blood circulation naturally and rebalance energy
  • Calming and soothing

Professional Shiatsu Massage Therapists

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