Aura Wellness Spa FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is your cancellation policy?

24 hours notice is required to cancel an appointment. Any late cancellations or missed appointments will be charged the full amount. A credit card is required when making an appointment. To cancel an appointment, you must speak to a live operator who confirms the cancellation.

Prices are subject to change without notice. In certain instances, our fee schedule may change before our website does. Please confirm prices with our reservationists when booking your appointment.

What is your Gift Certificate policy?

Gift certificates issued only by Aura Wellness Spa will be accepted. Gift certificates should be treated as cash. Gift certificates are not replaceable nor refundable if lost, stolen or damaged. The bearer of the gift certificate is solely responsible for its loss or theft.

Does the Spa service minors?

The Spa will service clients as young as 16 years old with a signed consent form from their guardian. The guardian must also be present at the Spa during the time of their service.

Can the Spa accommodate groups and private parties?

The Spa is available for private functions. Please inquire at the front desk.

Is there any difference between choosing a male or female therapist?

There is no difference. But please do inform us when making an appointment if you have a preference. Your comfort is most important.

What is customary for tipping?

Leaving 20 percent is customary in all spas. Tips should be left at the reception desk after your service. Gratuity envelopes will be provided and passed along to the therapist.

Received services from more than one therapist? Leave a separate tip for each one. Also, our spa staff appreciates when the gratuity is left in cash.

Can I use my cell phone in the Spa?

To ensure a serene environment within the Spa, all cell phones, smart phones, pagers and PDAs are to be turned off or silenced. If you must, please use only in the front desk area.

Does the Spa provide any amenities? What should I wear?

We provide our clients with the appropriate attire for the Spa. You will also be provided with a key for a locker. Underneath you may wear whatever makes you comfortable. During your treatments, you will always be draped. You may choose to wear undergarments during your therapy, if you so desire. Your comfort is most important to us.

When should I arrive for my appointment?

We recommend that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. This will allow enough time to change clothing and to relax before your appointment. Ideally we suggest the use of our Therapeutic Grottos prior to receiving services to help the body and mind relax and prepare to receive services. Please note that we may not be able to extend sessions which start after the scheduled appointment time. Any appointment arriving more than 15 minutes late may not be accommodated.

Are there any concerns I should have before receiving any treatment?

Generally, if you are in good health, you can enjoy any service we provide. Prior to receiving any treatment, please inform your therapist of any of the following:

  • any medical conditions including pregnancy, injuries, allergies or pain;
  • any recent medical operations;
  • usage of any topical or internal skincare products or medication;
  • any pain or discomfort before, during or after any treatment.