Our Therapeutic Grottoes are constructed of yellow loess soil, which contains numerous micro-organisms and minerals that dissolve, filter and eliminate toxins from the body. They also feature bioceramic stones which serve as another source for removing toxins and as a source for softening the skin, and bioceramic stones which emit infrared rays to improve blood circulation, boost metabolism and provide quick yet lasting relief from muscle and arthritis pain. In addition, each of the four grottos is designed with combinations of other elements known for different body-healing properties, and all make use of herbal remedies that are steamed in each spa.

Visitors to Aura Wellness Spa may choose from four different grotto experiences or any combination thereof:

  • Hwangto Dry Grotto – High but not extreme heat induces deep sweating to stimulate detoxification and elimination of acne-producing bacteria. In addition to featuring bioceramic stones and salt blocks, the intricate pattern designed inside the dome also feature oak wood charcoal, which is said to relieve stress, cleanse the blood and cure skin diseases.
  • Crystal & Jade Dry Grottoes – Benefits of the dry grottoes are further enhanced through crystals and jade. Crystals contain energy to enhance healing of both physical and mental ailments (such as arthritis, headache, stress and anxiety). Jade helps the body rid itself of bad energy and works as a calming agent; jade also contains anti-aging properties.
  • Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes – Thought to be most beneficial to persons suffering from respiratory ailments, steam loosens chest muscles to aid in such conditions as asthma and bronchitis. Steam also helps the body maintain hydration – coating the skin with moisture and preventing the loss of body heat through evaporation. This, in turn, accelerates detoxification and healing. Combinations of crystals and jade also promote various states of mind and emotional responses based on their color: unconditional love (pink), transformation (purple), harmony and peace (green), passion (red) and wisdom (orange).
  • Stone Ice Grotto – Used in conjunction with our hot grottoes, the cold grotto stimulates contraction of the blood vessels after expansion through heat exposure…in essence, acting like a squeezed sponge, to remove even more toxins from the body.