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Swedish Massage: 60 min – $130 | 90 min – $160

Swedish massage therapy is known for its ability to create a general sense of relaxation through better blood and oxygen circulation, easing of muscular aches and tension, and improving mind alertness and body flexibility. As with any form of massage, the benefits of massage therapy will make your experience both enjoyable and healthy.

What is Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage therapy or Swedish body massage is the most commonly requested spa treatment at Aura Wellness Spa and most day spas in the United States.

The massage therapist generally uses massage oil to facilitate making long, smooth strokes over the body. These Swedish body massage movements can be very relaxing, an anti-stress massage therapy for the client emotionally and physically.

The Swedish Massage Technique

The Swedish massage technique is administered by the therapist usually with massage oil and focuses on using firm pressure execute movements on the body.

In Swedish Massage Therapy, the actual technique movements are:

  • Long and smooth gliding strokes
  • Kneading of individual tensed muscles
  • Creating friction/vibration with specific massage strokes to release toxins and tension in the body.

The Swedish massage technique was originally created by Henri Peter Ling, a Swedish physiologist in 1812. The Swedish body massage technique is so comprehensive that today, many other popular forms of massages offered at spas such as sports, deep tissue and aromatherapy, are all influenced by it.

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