An NYC Facial & Other Summer Skin Care Tips

In the height of summer, hot or humid weather can do awful skin damage. Although summer is the time for fun and relaxation usually spent outdoors, it is always important to keep up with skin care, especially in the summer, when the weather is the warmest and the sun is the brightest.

Here are the best tips for keeping your skin flawless during the summer:

Always use a moisturizer with SPF
Sun protection is one of the most important aspects of skin care, especially in the summer. The sun can cause terrible damage to your skin, from sunburns to skin cancer, and a moisturizer with SPF is vital during the summer months. SPF can range anywhere from two to 70, but an SPF of about 30 is usually ideal for a moisturizer. Keep in mind, though, that everyone’s skin reacts differently to the sun. You may want to gravitate toward lighter and oil free versions of your favorite sunscreen during the dog days of summer.

Protect your lips
It’s easy to neglect your lips, but lip protection is equally as important as protecting the rest of your face. Lip balm with an SPF of 15 or higher can effectively shield your lips from the sun’s harmful rays. And, always reapply. Capped lips are not cute!

Take an occasional cold shower
Cold showers don’t sound like a great idea, but sometimes they can be a great alternative to hot showers, which dry out your skin. After a day in the hot sun, a cold shower can not only keep you cool but help keep the skin clear, preventing acne.

Eat plenty of fruit
Fruit is a wonderful summertime treat, but it’s also great for skin care. Eating fruit can hydrate your skin, improve its texture, and help your skin glow. Cantaloupe in particular is recommended for skin care, as it’s full of antioxidants. Plus, most fruits are generally cheapest during the summer.

Lightweight makeup
In summer, heavy makeup can be difficult and uncomfortable. The heat can cause makeup to melt off, which can be a major nuisance. Instead of constantly worrying about your makeup, let the sun shine on your natural face- as long as you’re wearing SPF.

Exfoliate with a Korean Body Scrub

A professional Korean body scrub can help with bumps that form in the backs of thighs and arms during the summer. Participating in a luxurious Korean body scrub at least once a month during the summer can help keep your skin beach ready. If a professional Korean body scrub is not feasible at least use a scrub either on dry skin (with a natural brush) or during a shower, paying special close attention to your knees and elbows. This gets rid of the dead skin and lets the new healthy skin shine through, giving you a perfect summery glow.

Treat yourself to an NYC facial

A professional NYC facial can help kick start clear skin for all summer long radiance. Summer is supposed to be about relaxation. Sometimes, a spa day is the best way to relax. An NYC facial is perfect for rejuvenating your skin during the summer. A facial is often the key to clearing up your skin and giving you a clean slate for any tanning or makeup application. NYC facials can detoxify your skin, cleanse your pores with extractions, and fight discoloration and premature aging.

In the hot and humid summer months, good skin care habits are vital for keeping your skin fresh and clear. Through protecting your skin, eating correctly, and caring for your skin with facials, you can easily achieve vibrant, healthy skin.

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