The Different Types of Massage Therapy

Too much of stress or exertion can cause inappropriate blood and oxygen circulation throughout the body and lead to uncomfortable muscular tension. There are different massage therapy styles that use a range of techniques, pressures, and movements, focusing on the use of hands and fingers for rubbing, pressing, or manipulating tissue and muscles. Trained massage therapists at the Asian massage NYC use manual techniques to heal a particular problem.  The massage techniques may involve using light strokes or applying deep pressure to release stress and tension, flush out toxins, and induce relaxation.

Types of Massage Therapy

Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage therapy, Swedish massage uses different strokes to induce relaxation. This includes kneading, sliding or gliding, rhythmic tapping, vibration, and circular and friction techniques. The “classic massage” works on the superficial layers of muscles and helps improve circulation, thus releasing stress and toxins, inducing relaxation, and improving mind alertness. The Swedish massage therapy came up in 1812 and Swedish physiologist Henri Peter Ling is believed to have first practiced the technique. The therapy is so comprehensive that other massage forms are influenced by it.

Shiatsu Massage                           

In Japanese, Shiatsu stands for “finger or thumb pressure” applied to energy blockages on the acupuncture meridians. This type of massage technique helps improve energy flow and release blocked energy points that are causing discomfort. With a focus on re-balancing the energy flow, the therapy is useful for back pain, headache, migraine, arthritis, and sciatica. It is also used for the lack of energy, cold, anxiety, depression, constipation, menstrual problems, and insomnia.

Japanese Hot Stone Massage                   

The therapy involves placing smooth heated stones on pain meridians. When the therapist massages with stones instead of hands, the heat released from the smooth stones will induce a sense of relaxation. If you are suffering from muscle tension, the hot stone massage at wellness spa NYC can be one of the best ways to experience a reinvigorating and relaxation experience.

A hot stone massage session is aimed at easing tense muscles and damaged tissues. The stones used in the therapy at Asian massage NYC are made of basalt rock that retains heat. The hot stones may be placed on the stomach, along the spine, on the chest, and on your palms, feet, and toes.

Aromatherapy Body Massage                                 

The therapy focuses on massaging with one or more essential oils to alleviate pain, reduce stress, improve skin conditions, and induce relaxation. When massaged into the skin, the essential oil works to treat different conditions and release stress in the mind and body, inducing a calming, uplifting, energizing, and decongesting effect.

Reflexology Massage

At wellness spa NYC, reflexology is an overall relaxation experience, where the therapist works on reflex points on your hands, feet, and ears to treat different pain points and health conditions. By stimulating those pressure points, the therapist can help you transition to a healing journey via the energetic pathways. Also referred to as zone therapy, reflexology can induce deep relaxation with an overall beneficial effect throughout the body.

Couples Massage

As its name suggests, couples massage NYC is the best way to relax with your partner or friend and enjoy a relaxing, rejuvenating massage session lying on separate beds set beside each other. The massage session may include aromatherapy, comforting tunes playing in the background, or candle lighting.  The tandem treatment at wellness spa NYC is an invitation for couples to enhance intimacy while getting a pampering massage. You may choose any type of rejuvenating technique in a couples massage session at Aura Wellness Spa NYC, from aromatherapy to stone massage, reflexology, and Swedish massage, among others.

At Aura Wellness Spa Midtown NYC, we make every effort to accommodate your wishes with regard to the type of massage and leave no stone unturned to offer you a lifetime relaxation experience. Your first visit here will be the beginning of a relaxation journey through holistic healing.