What Are Aura Spa’s Therapeutic Grottoes

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If you cherish no less than a soothing experience to relax and rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul, you would better want to explore Aura Spa’s therapeutic grottoes. Rich in micro-organisms, the yellow loess soil and biocerami stones used in the grottoes are meant to offer a therapeutic experience, eliminating toxins and leaving your soul and body rejuvenated. The mineral-rich soil has detoxifying properties, which not only helps flush out toxins from the body, but also promote wellness and beauty as a cosmetic therapy. One therapeutic session at Aura Spa can have a phenomenal impact on your looks, wellbeing, and quality of life. Are you ready for the change?

How Do Therapeutic Grottoes Work

Infrared emissions from biocerami stones and salt blocks have healing properties, helping improve circulation all through the body and flushing out toxins. A session at wellness spa NYC provides quick relief from muscular and inflammatory problems, including arthritis pain. Not only this, they have a healing effect on the skin, which helps you manage certain skin issues and enjoy a natural glow.

Visitors to Aura Wellness Spa have four options to choose from. These grottoes include combinations of certain elements that have body-healing properties. A therapeutic session at day spa NYC is one of the most effective holistic healing therapies to fight skin issues that tarnish your skin.

Hwangto Dry Grotto

A session at the Hwangto dry grotto in Korean spa NYC promises to give you a rejuvenating experience like none other. The heat from stone and salt blocks induces deep sweating, which helps detoxification and cleansing of the skin. This helps flush out toxins and acne-causing bacteria from the skin, purify blood, relieve stress, and detoxify skin, so you can enjoy a smooth and radiant glow that you have always wanted.

Crystal & Jade Dry Grottoes

Studded with crystals and jade, these therapeutic grottoes have immense power, thanks to the locked-in natural energy in these stones. Besides giving you an overall feeling of wellbeing and relaxation, the therapeutic energy benefits the body and mind, liberates you from several mental ailments, such as stress, and heals many physical issues, including pain and arthritis.

If you seek ultimate comfort, healing, and relaxation, one pampering session at wellness spa NYC promises to bless you with complete therapeutic benefits, enhancing blood circulation and improving skin elasticity. The anti-aging properties of jade start to work on your skin when you spend a healing session in these grottoes, and you can feel rejuvenated and fresh.

Crystal & Jade Steam Grottoes

One pampering session spent at the crystal and jade steam grottoes at day spa NYC can have amazing results for your respiratory system and chest muscles. Steam can provide you with immense relief from respiratory conditions, such as flu, allergy, sinus, bronchitis, common cold, and asthma.

Steam is useful in maintaining hydration in the body. When you spend a therapeutic session in the steam grotto, moisture coats the skin and prevents evaporation or loss of heat from the body. As a result, your body starts to detoxify itself. Detoxification further helps heal the body both emotionally and physically.

Stone Ice Grotto

Stone ice grotto is used in conjunction with hot grottoes. Both work in tandem with each other – one session after the other. A session spent in the stone ice grotto at the wellness spa NYC is meant to stimulate contraction of vessels following their expansion in the hot grottoes. This expansion-contraction of blood vessels helps squeeze out toxins.

Each therapeutic grotto at spa Aura Spa NYC is designed to provide clients with a relaxing, rejuvenating, and healing experience. The body-healing properties of the yellow loess soil used in these grottoes improve health and wellness. Book your next appointment using our online reservation system today! Or contact our front desk for more information.