Aromatherapy Massages

Aromatherapy  in Spa Midtown NYC

Aromatherapy is a refreshing, rejuvenating, and therapeutic journey to discover your own self. It works to improve and balance your emotional and physical well being. Explore the power of essential oils extracted from stems, barks, roots, flowers, and leaves to enhance your psychological and physical well being and keep your body and mind healthy. At the Aura Wellness Spa in New York City, we combine massage with aromatherapy to deliver a matchless experience, promoting healing of the whole body as well as rejuvenation of the mind.

Aromatherapy for A Healthy Brain at Asian Massage NYC

The rejuvenating aroma from essential oils can reach deep into your skin and psyche, stimulating the functioning of brain cells and relaxing the mind and spirit. A form of alternative medicine, aromatherapy promises relaxation for your body and mind, mood enhancement, pain relief, and improved cognitive function.

At the wellness spa NYC, aromatherapy incorporates highly effective, naturally extracted herbal or floral plant essential oils to unravel the healing properties of aromatherapy during body massage. Massage beginners will find our aromatherapy body massage as an immensely beneficial therapeutic session that promotes internal healing.

Stress Buster Aromatherapy Body Massage at Wellness Spa NYC

Ill-fated, unfortunate moments can wreak havoc with your brain and affect your psychological well being. Smell is one of the five senses that stimulate the limbic lobe of the brain and evoke memories and emotions. Therapeutic aromatic oils used in aromatherapy can enable you access to suppressed emotions and evoke memories in milliseconds. Allow the fragrance of therapeutic oils to experience ultimate relaxation.

The massage techniques for aromatherapy body massage usually combine Japanese Shiatsu massage and Swedish massage techniques, so as to meet the client’s needs to release stress and relieve from pain and aches in combination with the aromatherapy oils.

Life is stressful, and an aromatherapy session at our Korean massage NYC facility can work wonders with your mind and body. Massage with essential oils can work as a stress buster by releasing healing properties directly into the body. It is an equally effective spa treatment that can help achieve an overall sense of wellbeing, ease stress, calm the body and mind, and work as an anti-inflammatory.

The Aura Wellness Spa Advantage

At our Korean spa NYC, you will get access to the best aromatherapy body massage therapy in New York. You can add aromatherapy to your spa services when you book anti-aging facial spa treatments or Korean exfoliating full body scrub.

As natural healers, our focus is to provide complete healing using essential oils that have analgesic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties, and positive effects on the nervous and immunity system.

Therapeutic oils have a calming effect that helps improve

  • Sleep quality
  • Overall immune function
  • Skin health
  • Fitness
  • Libido
  • Digestion
  • Insomnia symptoms
  • Muscle health and relieve muscular tension


With a centrally located and professional atmosphere in Midtown Manhattan, Aura Wellness Spa is your ultimate destination for a therapeutic aromatherapy session.

Aura Wellness Spa is open daily, from 10am to 2am.

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