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Living in the City is a full time, hard charging experience. For everyone, a little time for yourself to recharge and relax is one of those luxuries that make it all worthwhile. A NYC Spa is one of those things that will make your life that much more enjoyable.

Selecting a NYC Spa is the first step. Look for a place that has all of the services that you would enjoy, services that will enhance both your outlook and your health.

NYC Spa – Aura Wellness Spa

A NYC spa that offers a wide variety of massage therapies is the first thing to consider. Have you ever tried a hot stone massage? In an ancient process, warm stone are used to relax your body, eliminate stress and provide that overwhelming warmth that will give you a new sense of wellness.

Or have you tried a Swedish massage at our NYC Spa? With long strokes and special attention to tensed muscles, the Swedish Massage is our most requested service. This service is designed to relax you and get you back into shape to face the rigors of living and working in the City.

For those that have some concerns about their circulation, our massage therapies can do wonders for your condition. Whether it is stress, diet, work habits or even occasional over-partying that has you concerned; our program is the answer for you. Our NYC Spa is designed to address those needs that come up with a lifestyle that occurs in the City.

In addition to the variety of massages that we offer, we have day spa packages for every taste and need. Aromatherapy, microdermabrasion, teeth whitening and anti-aging service are all services that we offer and which can give you a luxurious escape from your day-to-day life. As an elegant NYC Spa, our entire purpose is to make your life easier and your health and well-being stronger.

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To get an idea of how we can help you, visit our website and take a look at the specials we offer. We are located in midtown Manhattan on West 33rd, just east of Broadway. Come on by and let us make your life more enjoyable. Call 212.695.9559