Back Facial at Aura Wellness Spa

Back Facial in New York City

This is the perfect time of year to show a little bit more skin. You may have spent all spring in spinning class or on the treadmill getting your physique into just the right form. It is now time to don that backless dress and head to dinner to wow your friends and your date. However, what happens when you turn around? Are they in awe or are they embarrassed for you? Be sure that you are dressed to impress by getting a back facial at Aura Wellness Spa.

Working out so hard to get into great shape to go for men to go shirtless at the beach and women to go backless on date may lead to a slight drawback. Back acne is unsightly and can be painful, but can be treated. In order to make sure the skin on your back is pampered and pristine you need to make an appointment for a back facial.

An Aura Wellness Spa esthetician will cleanse and exfoliate your back to be sure the freshest skin is at the surface. Once dead skin cells have been removed a professional extraction of any acne will be performed. Finally an ultra-nourishing mask will be applied to promote the most beautiful skin possible.

You are not just pampering yourself you are practicing proper hygiene. We all know that there is that spot on our backs that we just cannot reach. With a back facial you will have professionals cleaning and caring for your back. You will be relaxed, toxins and dirt will be removed from your skin and you will glow. You wouldn’t pass on a facial for your face, why pass on one for your back?

There are several reasons to grab a friend and make an appointment for a back facial before you go out tonight:

  • Proper cleansing of the skin
  • Exfoliation promotes healthy skin cell turnover
  • Masks will draw out toxins in the skin
  • Dead skin cells can cause trapped dirt and infections
  • Back facials will help to de-stress

When you have a big event you cannot skip this process. Let the professionals take care of your back so that when you walk into or out of a room you look as stunning as you feel. Don’t let all your hard work getting in shape be undone by back acne.

This season you deserve a back facial. Call Us today at (212) 695-9559 schedule your visit. Please visit our Online reservation page for online bookings