Get a Beach Spring Break Body with a Spa Body Scrub

Korean Body Scrub

Get a beach spring break body in no time with a spa body scrub.  A Korean body scrub is a little known way to rejuvenate and detoxify winter dull skin. This luxurious experience will work to clear away all lackluster skin, so your body is ready to be shown off at the pool parties and beach getaways this spring break.

After a long, cold winter, your skin has had it with hibernating. When you need to get your beach spring break body ready in a short amount of time, a Korean body scrub should be your go-to beauty treatment. A spa body scrub rids your skin of its topmost layer thus exposing brighter more even toned skin underneath.

What makes a Korean body scrub such a big deal? Think of it as the ultimate scrub your entire body can experience rooted in centuries old practices of skin cleansing techniques brought over from Korea. These ancient techniques are incorporated into body scrub sessions, which make even the palest, driest winter skin, come alive and look more supple in just one session. Everyone knows that the tried and true latest innovations in beauty originate in Korea as this culture is well-known for its embrace of all things cosmetic.

What to Expect When You Go for a Korean Body Scrub

Upon entering for your Korean body scrub treatment, you will be given comfortable spa attire to wear. After a relaxing steam shower and dry sauna you will be taken to the soft-hued spa table. This may sound pretty much like any other day at the spa, but these first few steps are done to prepare the skin to soften, so it receives the most detoxifying exfoliation it has ever experienced.

Your therapist will scrub your skin and splash it with water, while using a traditional mitt towel. If you like, you can wear a swimsuit during the scrubbing session. This all-over scrub will improve blood circulation, stimulate your lymphatic system and purify the skin from a winter’s worth of city grime.

When your spa body scrub session is completed, your skin will glow and feel incredibly soft. It will also be tender afterwards, but this is your sign that your skin has been thoroughly detoxified and cleansed. Be sure to have your Korean body scrub done in plenty of time for your spring break departure, so that it has time to soothe and calm itself.

How About a Back Facial? NYC is a Notorious Pore Clogger!

Another option for glowing pre-beach skin is a back facial. NYC is known for its fast pace but sometimes it is essential to give your skin some TLC. Consult with your therapist for the ideal back facial for you. Months of hibernation can leave skin looking dull. If you suffer from back acne, a back facial in NYC will help get your skin looking luminous and clear. Be sure to book yourself for a back facial in NYC and spa body scrub today. April spring break season is less than 2 weeks away.

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Your post-winter beach body will be to the utter amazement of everyone you meet during your spring break getaway. Call us at (212) 695-9559 or make an online reservation today. It’s time to shed that winter “weight” already!