Getting a Massage Can Help with a Good Night’s Sleep

Aura Wellness Spa is a massage spa in New York City. They offer a variety of massage options that can aid in reducing stress and promoting healthful sleep habits.

It’s a hectic and fast-paced world, and most people have many demands they must meet. One needs to be in top form to accomplish all these tasks. Restful, restorative sleep allows the body to repair itself and maintain optimum function. However, with so many activities and obligations, it’s difficult to turn off the brain at the end of the day. High stress causes insomnia and poor slumber. At best, this creates muscle tension or lack of energy. At worst, it can lead to illness or chronic pain. No wonder society is sick and tired of being sick and tired.

What is the solution to the loss of quality sleep? Various relaxation techniques can help, but one of the most effective ways to promote better and deeper sleep is massage therapy. A massage can release tension in the body, improve circulation, ease pain and discomfort, soothe the mind and allow for more recuperative rest. It turns off the sympathetic nervous system, and engages the parasympathetic nervous system, relieving many neuromuscular problems.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is one of the most popular therapeutic massages. Henri Peter Ling pioneered the technique, which uses long, smooth, gliding strokes to knead individual muscles release tension and toxins in the body.

Shiatsu massage

Many are familiar with the Chinese practice of acupuncture. Shiatsu massage incorporates the same principles of meridians but uses pressure instead of needles. The therapist might use thumbs, fingers, knuckles, elbows or even knees to apply pressure to the meridian points, releasing the blocked energy to flow freely. This massage can relieve stress, improve circulation, detoxify the body and relax the mind.

Hot Stone massage

Warmth is naturally soothing, and a hot stone massage makes optimum use of that fact. The therapist applies heated stones to various pressure points on the body then proceeds to massage the muscles. Long, smooth strokes and gentle warmth combine to enable deep tissue relaxation.

Aromatherapy body massage

Scent is a powerful relaxation device, so combining aromatherapy with massage is an ideal way to guarantee maximum rejuvenation. Ideal for beginners, this massage combines elements of Swedish and Shiatsu massage with the pleasing fragrance and healing properties of essential oils. It is an excellent way to care for both mind and body as tensions flee, aches and pains decrease and the spirit calms. Many essential oils also have anti-inflammatory properties, so overall health improves.

Reflexology massage

Like Shiatsu, reflexology utilizes the concept of pressure points. However, reflexology states that organ and muscle function of the body is accessible through specific nodes on the hands and feet. It focuses massage, pressing, squeezing, and pushing on reflex points on the hands, feet and ears. Because the nerves and reflex points travel through the whole body, it can heal or relieve a wide range of symptoms from muscle pain and headaches to insomnia. It is a powerful healing and preventive type of massage.

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The human body is capable of healing and rejuvenating when proper sleep gives it the opportunity to do so. Without it, discomfort and disease creep in. Allow massage therapy to restore health, energy, vitality and restful slumber. Call Aura Wellness Spa at (212) 695-9559 to schedule a relaxing massage. We offer a wide variety of treatments such as the popular shiatsu body massage as well as facials and anti-aging treatments.