How to Give an Amazing Neck Massage

Many of us hold a tremendous amount of tension in our necks and shoulders, and that tension can build up to cause unbearable pain over time. Daily activities, such as working in front of a computer or driving for extended periods of time, lead to neck tension, poor blood circulation, headaches, and energy loss.

Fortunately, the solution to many of these issues is as simple as getting a neck massage. Here we provide step-by-step instruction on how to give a great neck massage…and perhaps even get one in return!

Neck Massage Techniques

Swedish massage techniques are highly effective when performed on the neck. These techniques are so comprehensive that they are often used in sports massage, deep tissue massage, and physical therapy massage as well.

  • Using long and smooth gliding strokes
  • Kneading of individual tensed muscles
  • Creating friction/vibration with specific massage strokes to release toxins and tension in the body

During and After a Neck Massage

Your neck has certain trigger points that are prone to muscle knots, which are a common cause of undiagnosed pain. By massaging those trigger points during a neck massage, you spread acute pain out over a larger area to diminish its impact. And over time, frequent neck massages can actually help prevent muscle knots from forming.

After your neck massage is over, you should feel tightness and acute pain dissipating. Many trigger points are located along the base of the skull, which is why pressing the finger tips here in increments towards the ears is so beneficial.

These are some of the many soothing benefits of neck massage.

  • Ease pinched nerves
  • Ease arthritis pain
  • Relieve stress and tension
  • Improve mood
  • Improve posture
  • Increase the neck’s range of motion
  • Lower blood pressure

Step-By-Step Neck Massage Instruction

Follow these steps to perfect your neck massage technique and help someone you care about feel amazing.

  • Make Your Partner Comfortable in a Seated Position
  • Apply a Light Massage Oil or Cream to the Neck, If Desired
  • Warm Up the Neck Muscles with Circular Motions
  • Move Your Hands in Long, Gentle Strokes
  • Knead Tense Muscles with Your Thumbs
  • Apply Pressure to Trigger Points at the Base of the Skull
  • Glide Your Hands in a Downward Motion on the Sides of the Neck
  • Use the Heel of Your Palm between Shoulder Blades
  • Massage Under the Collar Bone and Upper Arms
  • Cycle Through These Motions Randomly Using All Parts of Your Hands
  • Finish by Placing Your Hands on Your Partner’s Shoulders

Neck Massage NYC

At Aura Wellness Spa, we understand how amazing a great neck massage feels and specialize in neck massage techniques to restore overall health.  Our highly trained and professional massage experts take the guesswork out of neck massage to provide you with a relaxing experience and long-lasting benefits. Contact us today to learn about the different massages we offer and decide which one is right for you