Glow with a NYC Body Scrub Treatment

The city can take a toll on your skin. With the internal and external stressors that we face riding the subway, walking along crowded sidewalks and getting through the hustle and bustle of the day, our bodies take a beating. New York City, however, is known for being vibrant, full of energy and dazzling. When you want to keep up with the city, and be vibrant too, you should treat yourself to a NYC body scrub treatment.

Benefits of Body Scrub Treatments

A scrub is something that you may be familiar with in the shower. Grains of salt or sugar are used to polish the skin on the face or body. Exfoliating with a body scrub helps to:

  • Remove Dead Skin
  • Open the Pores
  • Remove Toxins
  • Prepare the Skin for Moisture

When you perform a good scrub you are helping to revive your muscles, stimulate your nerve endings and you are rejuvenating your system.

NYC Body Scrub Treatment

Take your shower scrub to the next level when you get a Korean Body Scrub treatment from Aura Wellness Spa. This treatment steams your skin to help soften it and then you are buffed and polished in a full body exfoliation by a therapist. Your skin will feel alive, vibrant and you will be ready to take on the city.

When you have removed the dead skin, you will see a more even tone, brightness and elasticity that you have not seen before. When the dirt and grime is removed you are more prepared to face the energy of our city. When you walk down the busy street, you will not be a face in the crowd, you will glow!

Aura Wellness Spa

When you want to be truly pampered you need to go to the right spot. Seek the professionals to find the right treatments. Aura Wellness Spa takes the tradition of Asian massage and herbal therapies and combines them with the modern luxuries that you expect in New York City. Stepping into the spa is the act of letting go of the world around you. From the techniques to the architecture of the space you will forget that you are in the middle of 33rd Street.

You owe it to your skin to take in a day of pampering. Even if you can only stop here on your lunch break, make time to revive your skin!