The Connection between Massage Therapy and Reduced Stress

Treating yourself to a massage is considered to be the epitome of relaxation, and really nothing beats that stress-free feeling you have after a therapeutic massage session. But how you feel during and after a massage is more than just a feeling, and scientific evidence backs it up.

What is Massage Therapy?

Massage has been used in civilizations for thousands of years and was actually a primary form of medicine until the pharmaceutical industry grew in the 1940s. Meanwhile, stress is a pervasive part of life in modern society and puts our health at risk every time it strikes. Stress is a risk factor for many chronic diseases and often worsens existing symptoms.

There are many different massage therapy techniques used to reduce stress, including Swedish, deep tissue, reflexology, trigger point, and sports massage. You might find that massage reduces stress more effectively in your body when aromatherapy oils or warm stones are used, or when certain parts of your body are focused on. Many people find that a moderate Swedish massage is the most relaxing form of massage therapy and an important part of a regular healthcare regimen.

How Massage Alleviates Stress

The American Massage Therapy Association cites a study on trigger point therapy to describe how massage therapy reduces stress. Test subjects in this study were given 10 to 15-minute chair massages. After massages, their changes in psychological states were measured by physiological responses, the Perceived Stress Scale, the POMS Depression Scale, and the Anxiety State Scale.

The findings of this particular study were as follows:

  • Significant decrease in heart rate
  • Significant decrease in systolic blood pressure
  • Significant decrease in diastolic blood pressure
  • Lower measures of oxygen consumption,
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Lower salivary cortisol levels

Other studies have shown that massage therapy reduces cortisol levels, while increasing serotonin and dopamine levels. This is important because too much cortisol in the body can lead to weight gain, a weak immune system, and a weak cardiovascular system. Meanwhile, serotonin and dopamine dramatically impact your mood and impulse control.

Other Healthy Benefits of Massage Therapy

Reducing stress is a huge benefit of massage therapy, but research has proven that getting a massage has many other health benefits as well. These are some of the best reasons to get a massage to promote your overall health and wellbeing.

Visit a Massage Spa

As if you didn’t already deserve a massage just for getting through your hectic days, consider these health benefits and book a massage spa appointment right away! If you’re looking for a professional and high-quality massage spa NYC, then look no further than Aura Wellness Spa. Our unique massage spa New York City menu is focused on helping you to relax, release stress, tension and toxins from your body.

Massage therapy is a powerful tool for dealing with daily pressures that you encounter and controlling your anxiety level. Everyone experiences stress and responds to it in different ways, so it’s important to consult a massage therapist that you can openly talk to and trust.

Why wait another day to reduce stress and start living the life you were meant to live?