Pair Your Next Massage with an Aromatherapy Treatment


When was the last time you took your time exploring New York City? It can be hard to take advantage of such convenience while you’re carrying the weight of your work week on your shoulders. New York City is an international tourist destination for a reason. Consider an aromatherapy massage in New York City an experience the City through a relaxed pair of eyes.

Origins of Aromatherapy

Initially used in herbal medicine, aromatherapy has homeopathic origins that can be traced back to Ancient Egypt circa 3,500 BC. The essential oils used in aromatherapy are extracted from plants and herbs like lavender and rosemary. Different essential oils have different effects on the human body. For example, floral bergamot, tangy lemon and musky sandalwood oils, have been known to promote feelings of peace and happiness. More medicinal oils like clove and cypress have healing properties that can aid in tissue recovery after overexertion. Essential oils take effect in the body by triggering the area of the body that controls emotions and memory, then activating other parts of the body responsible for stress, heart rate and breathing.

On its own, aromatherapy has the power to cleanse, stimulate, relax and control body pain. For this reason, some aromatherapists use either direct inhalation or vaporizers to administer essential oils. Please note that aromatherapy works best when your body is warm. One of the most enjoyable ways to warm up during this long NYC winter is with an aromatherapy massage. Pairing aromatherapy with massage heightens the holistic experience by incorporating all of the anti-anxiety, immune-enhancing, self-esteem boosting properties massage has to offer.

If you are new to massage, you are in luck: the experts at Aura Wellness Spa recommend their Aromatherapy Body Massage. Prior to the start of your session, your masseuse will ask if you have any health issues. Be sure to disclose conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, allergies, or fractures of any sort. You should also inform your masseuse if you are taking any topical or orally ingested skin care medications.

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