Soothing Treatments at an Asian Massage Spa

asian massage spa

If you want to have a soothing and relaxing experience, then a visit to an Asian massage spa may indeed be a fantastic option for you. Massage spas aren’t only terrific for relaxation purposes, however. They’re also terrific destinations for people who are interested in enhancing their beauty and feelings of well-being.

Asian Massage Spa: Reasons to Visit One Today

• Massage therapy utilizing various techniques
• Skin-smoothing Korean body scrub treatments
• Steam sauna and dry sauna with mineralized soil (Therapeutic Grottos)
• Facial spa treatments
• Couples massage treatment packages
• Experienced and industry-trained massage professionals
• Top-notch facilities

If you’re looking for a pleasant and tranquil time at a spa, you may want to look into therapeutic grottoes. These grottoes are made using yellow loess soil. This soil includes various minerals and micro-organisms that are believed to help flush out bodily toxins. The soil also includes bioceramic stones that help with detoxification. The mineral laden soil is also great for a range of other things, notably complexion softening, metabolism increases, enhanced blood circulation and more. If you have arthritis or have persistent muscle aches, yellow loess soil may be able to provide you with some comfort, as well. Needless to say, the perks that are associated with therapeutic grottoes are truly abundant. Whether you yearn for skin that feels soft and smooth or you want to kiss toxins in your body goodbye, therapeutic grottoes can help you immensely.

Water massage therapy is another beloved spa treatment that offers a multitude of exciting positives. If you have a lot of stress in your life, whether due to career pressures, relationship woes or simply the stress associated with living in probably the world’s busiest city, then you may be a great candidate for water massage therapy at a premier Asian massage spa. This type of therapy, however, can also be very useful for people who have lingering aching of their muscles. Water massage technology involves a combination of innovative vibration technology and water jet massage techniques. These strategies can knead the physique and do wonders for comfort and well-being.

Asian Massage Parlor New York City

If you’re looking for the most rejuvenating Asian massage parlor New York City experience, complete with choices in therapeutic grottoes and in water massage therapies, there’s no finer destination in the city for you than Aura Wellness Spa. Our day spa offers four distinct options in therapeutic grottoes. We also offer two distinct types of water massage therapy treatments. If you’re a person who constantly has to deal with respiratory troubles, you may want to consider time in our jade steam and crystal grottoes, for example. These steam sauna spas a help your respiratory system by unclogging mucus-like membranes from your lungs. Our dry therapeutic grottoes such as the Crystal & Jade and Hwangto cater to another set of specific needs and ailments.

When you’re looking at our two options in water massage therapy treatments, you can consider your aims. If you’re interested in detoxification, in moisturizing the skin and in getting rid of cellulite, for example, you may want to opt for our “Spa Jet” choice. If you’re interested in calming muscles that feel sore and in doing away with exhaustion in general, you may want to opt for our “DermaLife Spa Oceana” choice. If you have any questions about our day spa’s many available treatments, contact us or visit our website today. We’d truly love to hear from you. Note that we also offer a broad selection of luxurious facial treatments, body scrub treatments and back facials, to be more specific.

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