Stay Warm This Winter with These NYC Spa Treatments

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As weather conditions get colder and keeping your skin looking smooth and healthy get harder, treating yourself to a spa treatment in New York City can mean the difference between dry and healthy looking skin. Not sure which treatment is right for you? Look no further with these 5 treatments that are offered at NYC Korean Spa, Aura Wellness Spa.


This ancient treatment method is used for the ultimate form of relaxation. People who visit places where they can receive a NYC spa treatments often enjoyed this ancient practice. The stones heated up in hot water and then placed over the body of the recipient. The treatment with the stones of all different sizes creates a relaxing warming sensation for clients who are looking to have the best experience in terms of muscle and tissue relaxation. This also allows for the release of stress and tension in the body of the client while creating a safe space for deep relaxation and reflection which can be used as a form of meditation.

2. Reflexology Massage

This ancient Asian tradition is used for people who were looking to release pain and tension throughout their body by manipulating the feet. This is a great way to relieve chronic spinal pain as well as create an opportunity for muscular regeneration. Research has shown that this type of treatment can help with healing of cellular and structural damage which comes from long-term ailments. People also are able to feel the tension leave their body and have long-term effects which can be beneficial to the boasting of the immune system of patients who have been struggling.

3. Facial Treatments

The face has many nerve endings which can create sensations of relaxation when properly manipulated. Cecil massage in combination with moisturizing lubricants can be a fantastic way to create and promote complete wellness for individuals who are looking to make their skin healthy while relaxing. This treatment is beneficial to individuals who are trying to get rid of wrinkles or deal with facial paralysis.

4. Shiatsu Massage

This Japanese tradition is great for the release of toxins from within the body. The combination of massage techniques put together with the potential for the use of knowledge of pressure points can be a great way to release physical tension and impurities. The practitioner will place the right amount of pressure on certain points within the body to create a release which will enable relaxation and detoxification. This can be accomplished in a single session or can be used as part of a complete body detoxification process.

5. Body Scrub Treatments

This combination of body stimulation and cleansing of that can be valuable for people who are trying to make sure that there are no blockages hindering them from feeling good. The release process is physically stimulating and emotionally empowering at the same time. The knowledge that is gained through this deep exploration of cleansing can be valuable goals for the mind and body.

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