Swedish Massage: A Secret Way to Improve Your Physical Health?

Swedish massage therapy has long been thought of as a mere luxury; spend the day at a nice spa and receive a relaxing massage. For years this massage method has been associated with indulgent pampering for those who can afford it. That mindset is quickly changing. New studies are showing that massage has real health benefits that should be recognized by the larger medical community.

Research conducted on people that received a 45-minute massage revealed that this popular form of relaxation reduces stress hormones in the body. It also gives a boost to white blood cells that helps the body fight infection. Serious research continues while there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support anecdotal healing accounts.

Here are some key health benefits of Swedish massage therapy:

Relieves Muscle Aches and Pains

Massage therapy is widely used as a natural way to relieve physical pain. A series of gentle strokes, kneading and tapping is done to target sore, cramped or tight muscles. The technique is performed on the neck, back, arms, legs or chest. People suffering from debilitating physical problems such as osteoarthritis are often referred to a massage therapist. In the future, this form of pain management will gain wider acceptance.

Promotes Healing of Scar Tissue

When injured muscles develop scar tissue the smooth repetitive stroking movement helps to break up this tissue. Over time, the muscles return to normal function.

Improves Circulation

The circulatory system is extremely important to general health and well-being. Bad circulation leads to blood clots and related issues. Muscle massaging releases toxins from the body while improving blood flow.

Reduces Muscle Tension

A popular remedy to relieve that painful tight feeling in the neck and shoulders is to have a Swedish massage. Stress is a major contributor to muscle tension. If left untreated, stress leads to a host of physical problems. Getting a massage quickly releases all of this pent up tension. Essentially, most people can benefit from a relaxing session once or twice a month.

Increases Flexibility

Age, disease and injury are common causes of physical stiffness. Anyone that has ever suffered from back pain, or woken up with a stiff neck understands how debilitating lack of movement can be. Massaging muscles, tendons and tissue for a period of time relaxes them. Flexibility is greatly improved.

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