The History of Swedish Massage

The history of Swedish massage dates back to the 18th century. Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish physician is credited for developing this massage technique and introducing it in the United States in 1858. This massage form, which was a combination of various techniques, was introduced in the US as the “The Swedish Movement Cure.”  The full body massage combines various techniques, including friction, kneading, long strokes, stretching, and tapping on the tissue layers, to increase blood flow to the affected area.

Per Henrik Ling combined Chinese gymnastics with sports medicine of the early 19th century to devise a system that helps relieve sore muscles, improve flexibility, and promote wellbeing. Johann Mezger, a Swedish physician, gave Ling’s techniques French names and legitimized them. The massage techniques practiced in the West are derived from that of Ling’s.

In the latter part of the 19th century, many doctors and medical practitioners wrote books on Swedish movement cure and Medical Gymnastics. It was during the World War I that massage was taught to nurses. The technique was extensively used in sanitariums.  But shortly after WWII, massage lost its status and was dropped from medical practice. However, it soon regained its status in the medical circles as a form of alternative medicine.

What is Swedish Massage at Wellness Spa NYC

Swedish massage is a popular massage technique that focuses on easing muscular tension, improving circulation, improving flexibility, promoting relaxation, and eliminating waste from the body. The massage can be slow or more vigorous to stimulate skin health.

Swedish massage works on major muscle groups. It can increase your body’s flexibility as the massage strokes help in stretching ligaments and tendons. The strokes are aimed at following the direction of the blood that helps enhance its flow to and from the heart, while manipulating deeper muscles. The stimulated tissues absorb extra oxygen, enriching the blood. The different massage strokes can soothe aching muscles and help you recover from debilitating muscular ailments.

It helps flush out uric and lactic acid, besides removing other metabolic waste. The massage oil helps ensure the smoothness of strokes. With so many benefits of Swedish massage, would you not want to pamper yourself with such healing strokes?

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The Swedish Massage at Korean Massage NYC Advantage

Some of the most popular Swedish massage techniques employed at Spa Aura Wellness include kneading, long strokes, vibration, tapping, friction, effleurage, and shaking motions.

  • Friction is the application of circular pressure with palms, fingers, or thumbs.
  • Passive/active movements involve bending and stretching.
  • Petrissage is a technique in which the therapist applies kneading movements with thumbs, hands, or fingers.
  • Effleurage is a form of Swedish massage that uses gliding strokes with fingertips, thumbs, or palms that go from neck to the lower end of the spine. The strokes are targeted to improve blood circulation to and from the heart and aid lymphatic flow.
  • Vibration, as its name suggests, is a form of oscillatory movement that are meant to vibrate the body.

A completely relaxing and invigorating session, Swedish massage at Asian massage NYC typically lasts 30 or 60 minutes. The focus of the therapy is to address major muscle groups or specific areas of pain while eliminating mental stress and providing a relaxed experience. A massage session can help improve blood circulation and alleviate chronic pain.

A therapist applies such massage strokes that typically follow the movements of your circulatory system. When strokes are applied toward the heart, metabolic waste is drained from the limbs. Not only this, it can divide muscle adhesions and heal the scar tissue, so muscles resume their normal functioning.

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