Korean Day Spa to Jumpstart your Korean Beauty Rituals

The Korean beauty regimen is certainly making waves in the Western world. The skincare routines of Korean women are lengthy, complex, and can seem like a chock full of outlandish ingredients. They are also incredibly effective. With a few products and a little diligence, anyone can recreate the Korean skincare basics.

The Essential Korean Skincare Routine

The Korean skincare ritual can seem complex to American women, who are used to applying a few products a day at most. In Korea, however, the importance of skincare is ingrained in children from early on, and multi-step routines are a normal part of life.

Removing makeup, dirt and impurities is an essential part of healthy, glowing skin. Koreans favor oil cleansers, and they massage the cleanser into the skin with circular motions. This is believed to stimulate circulation and improve the appearance of the skin.

Exfoliation helps to remove dead skin cells and brighten the appearance of skin. Koreans use exfoliating masks that contain sugar and other natural exfoliants several times a month. This leaves skin looking refreshed and feeling smooth.

Refreshers are similar to what Americans call toners; they help to remove any latent residue while also restoring balance to the skin. Korean refreshers, however, are not as harsh as their American counterparts, and rarely feature alcohol in their ingredient lists. Instead, they include ingredients like bamboo extract that remove dirt from the skin without over drying it.

The Essence
This step can seem inscrutable to Americans interested in Korean skincare routines. The essence is the product that changes skin on a cellular level. These products increase the rate of cell turnover, which then smooths the surface of the skin. Products that are high-concentrated versions of essences are called ampoules.

The Sheet Mask
Sheet masks are thin pieces of paper that have been soaked in moisturizing ingredients. Korean women use them twice a week, and they leave skin looking plump and dewy.

The Eye Cream
Eye cream is gently tapped into the eye area; rough application of eye creams can lead to skin damage. The eye cream products often feature ingredients like collagen and vitamin C.

The Moisturizer
The moisturizer is an integral step in the Korean beauty regimen. A moisturizing product is gently massaged into the face so that it fully penetrates the skin. This might be followed by a night cream before bedtime, or a product containing SPF in the morning.


Traditional Korean Massage New York City

The most essential Korean massage New York City has to offer can help jumpstart your Korean-inspired beauty routine. The exfoliating body scrub is the most important component of the Korean spa experience. These scrubs occur at Korean bathhouses, which are known as jimjilbang, and they are essential to achieving a full body glow.

Before the scrub is performed, clients are asked to sit in a therapeutic steam room or soak in hot water for several minutes. This makes the skin soft and ready for exfoliation. Then a therapist uses a mitt towel to remove dead skin from the body, while simultaneously splashing warm water onto the body. This process improves circulation and leaves the skin looking bright and feeling soft.

The exfoliating full body scrub is a time honored Korean tradition that is available at Aura Spa. Call us at (212) 695-9559 to book your Korean scrub today.