The Benefits of Going to a Sauna

Nothing is more reinvigorating, refreshing, and relaxing than a deep, healthy sweat, right? Well, when you sweat, muscles unwind, stress is released, and tension fades. So you experience a deep sense of relaxation. A few minutes of exposure to gentle, persistent heat is all you need to look and feel better. The benefits of using saunas at Aura Spa NYC’s therapeutic grottoes are plentiful– best known for its purifying effects.

What is So Special About Sauna

A sauna is typically a room that uses dry heat to induce sweat and ultimately relaxation. Sweating induced in a sauna at wellness spa NYC has been proven to be highly effective in flushing out toxins and improving blood circulation all through the body.

Better Blood Flow

When you expose your body to gentle heat, it enhances circulation of the blood, which further helps in the oxygenation of organs, cells, and tissues. Better blood circulation helps in more energy production and accelerated healing. Infrared sauna-induced sweating can have a thermal effect on the deeper tissue layers, causing dilation of blood vessels and capillaries, eliminating metabolic waste and toxins, and promoting circulation.

Stress Relief

Sauna is referred to as the fountain of youth that offers amazing stress relieving benefits. A sauna session is all you need for complete relaxation and a sense of well-being. High heat temperatures can effectively relax your tense muscles and pacify your mind, providing relief from pain. The enclosed environment of a sauna at spa midtown NYC, with a gradual release of dry heat, provides you with an opportunity to calm your mind.

Weight Loss

Even when your body is at rest, it burns calories. So when you are in a resting mode in the sauna, you can expect to lose at least 300 calories in a 30-minute session. If you are eying weight loss, you might well want to go for a relaxing sauna session at Korean spa NYC and experience a new rejuvenated you.

Induce Sleep

One pampering session of sauna is good not only for your body, but also for your mind. Bathing in the calming heat of sauna makes you look, feel, and sleep better. Not only this, the calming, still retreat of sauna soothes nerves and induces sleep. To optimize the benefits of sauna at Korean spa NYC, you should book a regular session. A regular session of bathing in the calming heat of a sauna is meant to induce a slow, relaxing decline in endorphins that facilitates sleep.

Better Cardio Health

Skin heats up when the body is exposed to the heat of a sauna. As a result, the core body temperature rises. This induces dilation of blood vessels and increase in cardiac output. With regular sauna bathing, you can train your heart muscles and improve cardiac output, since your heart rate tends to rise to 110-120 beats per minute (bpm) in a sauna compared to 60-70 bpm in general. It can sink below normal during the cooling session. This is exactly the kind of cardiovascular conditioning required by your body to improve heart health.

Fight Illness

A session of a sauna at Spa Aura NYC not only makes you feel good, but also facilitates the rapid production of white blood cells. Sauna bathing can relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of sinus, allergy and reduce the incidence of cold and influenza. When your body’s white blood cells increase, it is prepared to ward off and/or fight illness and viral and bacterial infections.

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