Why Deep Tissue Massages Are Good

As its name suggests, deep tissue massage therapy focuses on the deep layers of muscle and fascia. The therapy uses slow yet firm strokes with fingers. The deep finger pressure is an applied therapy for treating a variety of physical ailments, because it works at the deep level, repairing muscles, tissues, and joints and having an overall healing impact on your body.

What is Deep Tissue Massage

The therapy focuses on the realignment of deep muscle layers and connective tissue. Deep tissue massage at midtown spa NYC is especially helpful for chronic aches. The University of Maryland Medical Center finds that this type of massage is highly effective in relieving chronic pain compared to conventional medical therapies. Aimed at alleviating pain, this form of tissue massage increases blood circulation all through the body and helps in muscle tightening, thus reducing inflammation that is often the trigger for pain.

Deep tissue massage works on the fascia or connective tissue. The therapy focuses on treating deeper muscular layers and healing chronic conditions, especially inflammation of muscles, and injuries in tendons and joints. This type of massage targets and heals painful muscles, including that of the lower back and neck.

Deep Tissue Massage: A Therapy, Not Relaxation

Deep tissue massage at midtown spa NYC is not aimed at inducing a sense of calm, relaxation, or rejuvenation. Rather, it is used as a therapy to ease painful muscles and joints.

Since the massage session is not aimed at inducing a sense of relaxation, you may expect some amount of pain as the focus of this type of massage is on relieving tissue tension and strain. Another reason for pain could be the massage strokes that move in a direction opposite to the muscles, unlike other forms of massage that use strokes that move with muscles.

Stress Buster

With deep tissue massage, you can massage your stress away. Research reveals that massage can stimulate the production of oxytocin and serotonin hormones and reduction of cortisol level, which can have a beneficial effect on hypertension or blood pressure.  Research shows that people with a deep-tissue massage experienced a significant drop in their systolic and diastolic pressure.  So a session of deep tissue massage at wellness spa NYC can promote feelings of happiness.

Breaks Scar Tissue

Though scarring is a natural process of healing, scar tissue may cause ongoing pain and stiffness. Regular deep-tissue massage sessions are highly therapeutic and can improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, thus improving circulation in the affected site. This can help break up and even heal the internal and external scar tissue. Regular massage can help make muscles more flexible with a better range of motion. So this type of massage therapy is often recommended for those who have undergone surgery.

Muscle Rehabilitation

Not only this, deep tissue massage can heal injured muscles by improving the outflow of toxins and stretching or relaxing tight or twisted muscles. This type of massage is often used by athletes for the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Muscle injury and soreness are common among athletes. Deep tissue massage can prove immensely beneficial by reducing muscle tension and increasing blood flow. Research on psychological effects of massage reveals that massage can reduce the stiffness of muscles and accelerate recovery.

Deep tissue massage must be done by a trained practitioner, as there are a few precautions involved with this therapy. Come in touch with our experienced massage therapists for a healing session of deep tissue massage at Aura Spa NYC. To make an appointment contact us or use our online reservation system.